Top 9 Best Healthiest Greek Yogurt



Yogurt making has been an improving practice over several decades. As a result, several brands and varieties of yogurt are made. Consequently, various cultures started incorporating yogurt in various dishes or making dishes that capture the yogurt feel

Before long, the whole field in and around yogurts has become somewhat a vast forest. On the other hand, this article will act as your guide in providing you information on; Greek Yogurt alternatives, yogurt incorporated snacks and even some yogurt alternatives.

Finally, after reading, you will get a sense of understanding of what the yogurt culture entails.

Top 9 Best Healthiest Greek Yogurt

#1. Hatrigo Half Gallon Greek Yogurt Maker

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With most filters made with a multipurpose use in mind, Hatrigo strainer is made to ensure that your training process to make Greek yogurt is easier and smoother. Essentially, the strainer works to separate the whey from the solid of the milk. Finally, after the straining, you get a smoother and more consistent Greek yogurt. Moreover, this product comes in handy to your yogurt making as the strain is sizeable enough to strain up to a gallon of yogurt.

  • Made of tough and long-lasting materials
  • Strains a gallon of yogurt
  • Easily fits in the fridge for storage

#2. Nutrisystem Strawberry Yogurt Bars Bundle

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Besides simply drinking yogurt, it has become an important component in making a variety of food consumer products. For example, Nutrisystem uses yogurt as an element in its bundles. Most importantly, having yogurt along with the additional ingredients. It helps to ensure that the bar is satisfying. Moreover, bar bundles are meant to be taken when one is too busy for a meal. Therefore, for Nutrisytem to have yogurt in theirs, it improves the bar’s nutritional benefits.

  • Easy to carry and have on the go
  • Rich in essential fiber
  • Protein-packed bundle

#3. The Yogurt Cookbook by Arto der Haroutunian

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It is necessary to have a cookbook that you can use to fine-tune and explore your dish making skills. However, having a yogurt cookbook that, above all, focuses on dishes that have yogurt as a major ingredient is very impressive. If you are the kind of individual seeking such a book, Arto has addressed your troubles. Certainly, having a cookbook from a well-experienced chef in your corner is arguably more important than holding a secret recipe.

  • Wide range of dishes covered
  • Over 200 shared recipes
  • Exposure to different yogurt use cultures

#4. Cheryl Sternman Rule Yogurt Culture

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As the years’ pass, different varieties and uses of yogurt come to be known by people. Meanwhile, yogurt lovers grow considerably in size. With this in mind, it is crucial to have a guide of sorts to take you through the yogurt culture. The award-winning author, Sternman, shares with us and takes us along for her yogurt culture journey. Certainly, the word culture is an appropriate choice as it is surely a way of living for yogurt lovers.

  • Written by an accomplished author
  • Contains over 115 recipes to your use
  • Has picture illustrations

#5. Kellogg’s joyböl, Granola Smoothie Bowl

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Kellogg’s joyböl best Greek yogurt for muscle-building is made from whole grain oats, dried cranberries, dried blackberries, and chia seeds. It comes in a pack of 6, giving you a total of 12.6oz enough serving to keep you active for days. Moreover, each serving gives you 11g of protein, non-GMO and free from artificial colors and flavors. Looking for the best Greek yogurt nutrition? Well add water or nut-milk to your joyböl, Granola Smoothie Bowl, and it will be ready for drinking.

  • Six packs each having2.1 oz
  • Comes in SuperBerries chia flavor
  • 10-11g protein per 60g serving

#6. Stonyfield Organic Plain Whole Milk Probiotic Plain Yogurt

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Stonyfield Greek yogurt is manufactured with pectin, organic, whole milk, and Vitamin D3, thus best for full nutrition. Moreover, 8oz serving of plain whole milk yogurt contains calories (149), carbs (11g), fat (8g), and protein (8g). Every serving also gives you billions of CFU, which will help you improve your digest and maintain a healthy gut. Also, it’s 99% lactose-free, thus considered as the low-fat Greek yogurt nutrition. Lastly, Stonyfield Greek yogurt is non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and kosher certified.

  • Weighs 32oz (2lbs) 907g
  • Packed with healthy probiotics
  • Vitamin D3 support wellness

#7. GoGo SqueeZ YogurtZ

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GoGo SqueeZ is one of the many products that have yogurt as a key ingredient. Firstly, it comes in small packages with different flavor varieties. Secondly, the use of yogurt and other ingredients creates the perfect snack to give you the energy in times of need. Thirdly, the yogurt helps add the milk goodness of protein richness that would not be easy to derive from another product. Lastly, the product is considered a very nutritious snack.

  • Comes in small neat packages
  • Multiple flavor varieties
  • Needs no refrigeration

#8. Chobani 006 5.3oz Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

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Chobani Greek Yogurt is among the healthiest yogurt processed in a facility that adheres to the Good Manufacturing practices (GMP). The formulas are purely natural with the non-GMO ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. Chobani Greek Yogurt Peach on the Bottom provides 6g of protein in a single serving of 5.3oz (150g). It also contains live & active cultures that feed the good bacteria along your digestive tract for improved digestion. It’s very delicious, organic, and easy to mix when on the go.

  • Available in a variety of flavors
  • Easily mixes with your favorite
  • Manufactured with live and active CFU

#9. FAGE TOTAL 35.3 oz 2% Plain Greek Yogurt

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Fage yogurt is manufactured using pasteurized (Grade A) skimmed milk & cream, ensuring a healthy protein source. The live and active probiotics ( L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, L. Casei, S. Thermophilus, Bifidus) ensure healthy digestion. With a standard serving size of 227g (1 cup), you’ll get a total of 4 servings equipped with 160 calories, fat (4.5g), carbs(7g), protein (23g). Also, because of the 4.5g of fat per serving, it’s the low-fat Greek yogurt nutrition that supports weight loss.

  • Non-Gmo, gluten-free, and low fat
  • No added sugar
  • The best source of calcium for bone support

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