Top 10 Best MCT Oils in 2020 Review



Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) is among the easiest fats of your body’s digestive system to break down. It is normally known for the ketogenic-diet and other high-fat diets which require healthy plus easily-digestible fats. MCT is normally found in foods like palm oil and coconut oil. MCT oil nutrition facts will greatly improve brain function and minimize food cravings. Additionally, it will give clean energy to your body, & boost your general energy levels.

When buying the best MCT oil at Walmart, you need to check out on product quality, brand reputation, cost, and taste. Moreover, you can also check on the ease of digestion plus blending.

The best MCT oils below are from SES Research, Bulletproof, Sun Essential Oils, Sports Research, Rapidfire, Keto Science, PURA D’OR, BetterBody Foods & Nutrition, and Perfect Keto.

Top 10 Best MCT Oils in 2020 Review

#1. Original Grade Carbon 60

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Original Grade Carbon 60 is available in a 100ml container. Moreover, this product is made from organic extra virgin olive oil which makes it safer for human consumption. Additionally, this MCT oil reduces cell-damage and it’s a powerful Nano-antioxidant. It’s proved to assist in reducing the negative cellular effects of smoking, stress, alcohol, pollution, and sunlight. Additionally, it helps in boosting cognitive functions, memory, motivation, and creativity.

  • Has natural antioxidants ingredients
  • Supports cognitive role
  • Reduces anxiety and anti-inflammatory

#2. Bulletproof XCT Oil

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Bulletproof XCT Oil is available in a 32 Ounces package. Moreover, it is also a reliable and fast source of power. This bulletproof MCT oil has a pure & natural-energy solution. It has a unique power source that is naturally found in coconut oil. It is rapidly absorbed by your body & converted to ketones to provide you with long-lasting energy. This XTC oil is sugar-free.

  • Extracted from pure coconut oil
  • It’s a reliable & quick source of power
  • Can be added to coffee, smoothies, tea, and other drinks

#3. Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT Oil

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Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT Oil is suitable for Paleo & Keto diet. Additionally, this product comes in a 16oz and other different sizes. It is non-GMO hence it’s safe for your health. Brain Octane is found in coconut oil in little quantities. It is concentrated to give you the cleanest energy source. Moreover, this product will rapidly give you mental & physical energy which will power your day.

  • Supports cognitive function
  • It’s a sugar-free energy
  • Keeps you away from food cravings

#4. Premium MCT Oil

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Premium MCT Oil is available in a 35oz bottle and other different sizes. Moreover, this product is derived from coconuts which are composed of powerful medium-chain triglycerides. Additionally, this MCT oil can help reduce weight. Furthermore, this MCT Oils comes with C10 and C8 fatty-acids. This is the best addition to keto, vegan, or paleo diet. Additionally, this product offers pure energy to your brain. This will help in supporting increased stamina, mental focus, and energy.

  • It’s tasteless & odorless
  • Improves mental focus
  • Helps in weight loss

#5. Premium MCT Oil

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Premium MCT Oil is found from a non-GMO coconut. Additionally, it is available in either oil, soft gels, or powder. Moreover, a single package comes with 15 packets and every packet has 0.5oz. Thus you will have a total of 15ml. The packet is small in size which makes it travel friendly. Moreover, this product is verified plus certified Paleo, Keto & vegan friendly.

  • Derived from non-GMO Coconut-Oil
  • It’s flavored
  • Blends well with shakes and coffee

#6. Rapid Fire MCT Oil

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Rapid Fire MCT Oil is made from pure coconut oil. There are no solvents or chemicals used when the extraction is carried out. Additionally, this product has a pure & potent with the preferred C6, C10 C12, and C8 fatty acids. The product is available in a 16oz container which offers 30 Servings. Additionally, this MCT oil is colorless & unflavored. C8 MCT oil provides coffee, shakes & tea a nutritious and non-carb boost. The product won’t alter the color or taste.

  • Helps in diet plus weight management
  • Gives a natural energy
  • Free from gluten, dairy or sugar

#7. Keto Science Ketogenic MCT Oil Dietary Supplement

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Keto Science Ketogenic MCT Oil Dietary Supplement is made from one hundred percent coconut. This ensures purity & potency. A tablespoon daily helps in boosting metabolism, power plus brain function. Additionally, this product is non-carb and gluten-free. It helps in fat burning via supporting ketosis. MCTs which give a natural power boost & replace the body’s desire for carbohydrates. The product is colorless & unflavored which makes it suitable for use on tea, coffee, & shakes.

  • It’s unflavored and colorless
  • Promotes fat burning process
  • Boost brain function & metabolism

#8. PURA D’OR Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

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PURA D’OR Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil is available in a 16oz container. Moreover, this product is 100-percent pure & natural. This MCT oil is easily absorbed & non-greasy. It can be used as moisturizer nighttime or day for extra skin-protection. Furthermore, it can also be utilized as a makeup-remover or an overnight-oil. This helps in reducing the appearance of fine and wrinkles lines.

  • Assist essential oil to be easily absorbed by the skin
  • Can be used as a moisturizer
  • Reduce the presence of brittle nails

#9. Better body Foods

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Better body Foods is derived from 100-percent pure avocado-oil which is naturally refined cooking oil. It is non-GMO and it is available in a 33.8oz container. Moreover, it is paleo plus keto-friendly. The product has a mild, soft flavor that enhances different foods & substitutes cooking oils. This product is also gluten-free hence the best addition to the Whole30 diet.

  • Suitable for high-heat cooking
  • It’s Non-GMO and free from gluten
  • Has smooth flavor

#10. Perfect Keto Rapid Energy Pure MCT Oil

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Perfect Keto Rapid Energy Pure MCT Oil is derived from coconut. Additionally, this product comes in 3.4oz and other different sizes. This product acts as the best alternative fuel to sugar & carbohydrates. Moreover, this MCT oil is flavorless and odorless. It also has no oil residue when it’s added to shakes, salads, coffee, or smoothies. It’s a quick source of energy.

  • It’s flavorless and odorless
  • Has no oil residue
  • It’s a quick source of energy

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