In Her Third Trimester (and Carrying Twins! ), Ashley Graham Floats Through Prenatal Yoga! It’s like it’s not a big deal.


Also, be sure to check out her super-comfy training outfit.

Ashley Graham is sharing her pregnancy journey with her fans and following as she prepares to birth twin boys. Prenatal yoga with Sophie Green, an artist and yoga instructor, is one way the mom of one is accepting her changing body during her second pregnancy. She shared an awesome time-lapse video of the practice on Instagram.

Pregnancy yoga with @sophieellagreen, wrote Graham in the description of her photo, which garnered more than 1.3 million views in a few hours.

She also tagged Knix, wearing their Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra (Buy It, $89, and BlissFit Maternity Legging (Buy It, $50, during her sweat session. Knix is a well-known athletic and intimate brand. If you’re planning on working out while pregnant, here are four things you should do differently.

Graham used a set of yoga blocks to brace her wrists during several of the mat-based yoga postures that they did together. Stretching and posing in a variety of ways, from a cat-cow to a wide-knee child’s position to a dramatic warrior pose.

Her first pregnancy with Isaac included prenatal yoga sessions, and she recently said on her vlog that this time, she’s putting more emphasis on getting in touch with her body than she did with her first.

“Keeping a healthy work-life balance is something I’m actively working on every day. My body has taught me so much this time around, and I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to keep myself and these big ‘ol boys healthy “She added with a chuckle as she cradled her tummy and laughed. (ICYDK: Even on vacation, Graham found time for pregnant yoga.)

As a result, the supermodel has returned to her yoga practice during her second pregnancy, which is a gentle, low-impact technique to build strength and flexibility, as well as provide her with much-needed relaxation as she prepares to become a mother of three.

Heidi Kristoffer, a yoga instructor in New York City, previously told Shape that “your body has to be strong for delivery.” To prepare for delivery, holding postures for long periods of time in a yoga class is a great way to build strength and endurance in the correct areas. Pregnancy-related back, neck, and shoulder discomfort can be alleviated with this supplement as well. To learn more about how much exercise you should get while pregnant, see our related article.

Ashley Graham Floats Through Prenatal Yoga

Many prenatal yoga practices promote focusing on breathwork, which not only alleviates tension and anxiety but also prepares your body for the trials and discomforts of pregnancy and childbirth.” The strain and tension against your diaphragm increases as the baby grows, affecting your capacity to breathe, a Chicago-based yoga instructor, Allison English, recently explained to Shape. “Many of the physical motions during yoga practice assist to expand your chest, ribs, and diaphragm so that you may continue to breathe more properly as your pregnancy advances.”

Taking time to relax, move softly, and release tension are all benefits that every yoga enthusiast, whether or not she is pregnant, understands are at the heart of the ancient form of movement. It’s no surprise that Graham is a big fan of yoga, especially while he’s pregnant. Even if you’re not expecting it, you can follow her cues.) See what a yoga instructor says are the most important positions for beginners.)

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