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The Scrubs are basic essential attire for medical professions, acting as second clothing for their daily duties. There are different models of best scrubs on the market, so you need the necessary information to buy the durable one.

With the 21st century, you need the best trending and modern scrub for you to work with confidence. Key features like well-knit –rib waistband, sleeves, size, and color should be given preference while shopping for one.

The scrubs need to be of quality material like polyester, Spandex for durability. They are working for great needs to have breathable scrub to keep you cool.

Top 10 Best Scrubs

#1. CHEROKEE bn_2624A_1123A Infinity Scrub

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The best scrubs for nurses, with a top that has a round neck, so it meets official job requirements for nurses. With pants that are 1123A, lowly rising, keep you calm on duty for hours. Has a badge loop where you can insert a job badge in case it’s needed.

It has a single internal and side pocket to keep whatever you. The scrub is made up of 95% polyester and 5% Spandex Poplin hence durable.

  • Straight legs pants hence quick wearing
  • Adjustable hems for fitness
  • 19 Pounds so light to carry


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The scrub has an elastic waistband that stretches smoothly to fit you, giving you surety of working with it with confidence. This poplin fabric is the best scrubs for doctors and other health professions because it’s knitted with stretchy ribs.

With an Inseam of 25.5, it’s the currently recommended scrub for both in and outdoor activities. It has a slash, pant back, and cargo pockets to carry any necessities that fit in your pocket like phones.

  • Adjustable fitting leg band
  • 95% and 5%Spandex so durable
  • 59 Ounces therefore light to wear

#3. CHEROKEE Infinity CK623A Scrub

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A modern designed scrub with a V-neck makes it look more official; thus, you can put on while on duty. Has got a top with short sleeves, therefore best scrubs for sweating.

The inner and patch pockets enable you to keep wallets or phones safely. It’s designed to last for long because it is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex so durable. A stretchy rib-knit waist so it fits you comfortably depending on your body size.

  • Pencil stitches therefore sturdy
  • Side vents for aeration
  • 10.41 Ounces so light to wear

#4. Greys 71166 Anatomy Scrubs

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The best scrub with two pockets for keeping your necessities with a pen slot hence designed for official duties. It is made of 23% rayon material and 77% polyester, making it so long-lasting.

It suits well pregnant ladies because it has a back yoke that is shirred to make it fit you comfortably and easily. This scrub can be easily and quickly be washed with the machine; therefore, it is easy to be cleaned.

  • Indigo in color very charming
  • 26 in length well-fitting
  • 6.38 Ounces hence light to wear

#5. Cherokee CK002 Best Scrubs

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This is the best Cherokee scrubs with 94% Polyester material and 6% Spandex hence durable. A new scrub with an improved rib-knit waistband that keeps you walking comfortably. Softly knitted panels with Inseam of 28 1/2 allow flexible and comfortable movement.

With the bungee cord on each leg hem, this makes it easily adjustable while wearing.

It is a 4-way stretch scrub so it can fit anyone with 14.09 x 9.37 x 1.02 inches so it fits easily.

  • Softly knitted so comfortable to wear
  • 12 Ounces thus light to walk with
  • Coin pocket for keeping necessities

#6. Grey’s 2218 Anatomy Barco

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The best scrub for men, modern fitting with straight legs with inseam | 31.5″ | 29.5″ | 33.5 for fitness. Has an elastic waistband, as a result, is long-lasting and confident to wear. It stretches in a 4-way dimension hence its flexible enhancing movement.

It’s made up of24% Rayon, 71% Polyester, and more than 5% Spandex; this makes it durable. It is 13.82 x 8.5 x 1.18 inches, thus fits well in your bag or wardrobe.

  • 11.99 Ounces so light to wear
  • Six pockets for keeping all necessities
  • Moisture-wicking thus it keeps you cool

#7.Cherokee WW120P Workwear

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It’s 13.1 x 10.5 x 0.6 inches, which makes it easy to keep in your wardrobe or bag when you travel. It’s a durable scrub with 20 % Rayon, 78% Polyester, and 2% Spandex material. It has a drawstring closure that keeps you confident even when on your daily exercise.

The pants leg is moderately flared, so wearing it is easy and quick. With a strong elastic back hence you are assured of sturdy wear.

  • 8.47 Ounces so light on the body
  • 4-pockets for keeping all your necessities
  • Different colors to meet your preference

#8. Cherokee WW170P Workwear Professionals

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Long-lasting figs scrubs wear with 3% Spandex, 63% Polyester, and 34% Cotton material. The elastic waistband makes it tight-fitting for easy engaging in different activities with confidence.

Has an Inseam 28 so sturdy giving one confidence to put on at work. Has a drawing string for tight wear to avoid falling off accidentally while in outdoor activities. It is 11 x 7 x 1 inch, so it easily fits your wardrobe or traveling bag.

  • Unisex, therefore, value for money scrub
  • 6.4 Ounces so light to wear
  • Tapered legs for fitness

#9. Cherokee WW610 Mock Wrap Scrub

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A short-sleeved scrub that is good for official and casual duties allows aeration to stay cool. It is V-neck; therefore, you look nice in this modern designed scrub. The Center-back measures 26, thus fit normal body size comfortably with no straining.

Have patches and inner pockets that you can keep your phone plus other necessities during day’s activities. In conclusion it is made of 78% Polyester 20% Rayon, 2% Spandex, and 78% Polyester.

  • logo label has a bungee loop to strengthen
  • Shoulder yoke to keep the Top positioned
  • 10.41 Ounces so light to wear

#10. Cherokee WW620 Workwear Revolution

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It is the best scrub because it does not require bleach; hence remains original ever. You can wash your washing machine; therefore, it’s easy to clean. It is currently classic with a V-neck that can serve you even on official duties.

Moreover, it’s made of 20 % Rayon, 2% Spandex, and 78% Polyester 20 material that guarantees durability. It is pencil stitched, so it can tear easily, giving you confidence as you walk around in it.

  • Good to be ironed
  • 27 lengths so it fits comfortably
  • 4.8 Ounces hence light to wear

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